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We have aggregated the most important services stack to ensure the growth and sustainability of your business from the ground up, so you don't have to.

HR Auditing & Discovery


• Annual HR Compliance Audit (Some States Require)
• Strategic Audit: Employee Retention, Culture & Engagement 
• Compensation Analysis & Benchmarking
• Where do you stand against the competition?

Do you know if you’re currently operating compliantly? Are you concerned about whether your policies and procedures are compliant with all state and federal compliance regulations and requirements? Who is currently monitoring your HR practices and compliance and are they educated or certified to do so? 


Happy Gnome is here to help you and your team ensure that your business operations are not at risk and that you’re using strategy to make educated business decisions. Let us help you stay in business and reduce stress and headaches around compliance and HR strategy. 


Our HR audits involves identifying issues and finding solutions to problems before they become unmanageable. It is an opportunity to assess what your organization is doing right, as well as how things might be done differently, more efficiently or at a reduced cost.

Fractional & Customized


• Employee Relations​

• Employment Law & Risk Mitigation

• Strategic Human Resources

• Employee & Executive Coaching

We provide fractional HR services, customized to meet each client’s needs, at affordable rates. We pursue innovative strategies that protect our clients from expensive HR mistakes and assist them to implement HR practices that control costs, streamline operations and positively impact employee satisfaction at work. Project based services and sustained client engagement are both available


Most organizations have a need for multiple levels of HR skills sets that are not commonly found in one person. Finding that ideal mix of expertise or making the investment in multiple HR people can be overwhelming for most companies. So, we developed a Fractional HR concept that provides our clients with the ideal mix of expertise without making the investment in multiple HR professionals.


HGHR supports your organization on all levels from recruiting, benefits administration, employee handbooks & policies, to dealing with difficult employee HR situations. They become an extension of your organization and allow your company the access to expansive HR resources as you need it!


• Payroll/HRIS Setup & Support
• Professional & Simple Payroll
• Managing Your Employees’ Lifecycle
• Timely Payroll Tax Reporting

Let’s get your people paid and on time; we like happy employees! This system is far more than a simple payroll solution; it’s a HR tool and extension of your management team that allows them to oversee all aspects of the employee lifecycle. HGHR professionally manages your timely payroll tax reporting requirements proactively.

Payroll & HRIS


• Policies & Procedures​
• Employee On-Boarding
• Internal Communications
• Talent Management

Mission critical! Your people will take you places therefore, it’s important to have strong resources and strategies when it comes to sourcing talent. Whether you’re searching for an industry leading retail manager to take your operations to the next level or a VP of Sales, Operations, or Finance in order to create long lasting structure and revenue- we deliver top cannabis industry talent to lead you into the future!

Recruitment & Placement
Sevices Training


• Customized Training Solutions
• Industry-Leading Trainers
• Evolving with Industry Needs
• Performance-Gap Training

Our curated learning pathways help close knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes. Whether you’re a team of five or 1,500, our programs offer flexible options to work with your learning goals and budgets.


Personal and professional development of your employees and leadership teams are becoming increasingly valuable as the industry migrates (evolves) from emerging to developing. By utilizing the most experienced cannabis industry experts in retail, operations, cultivation, management, and more we have poured and crafted years of knowledge into programs, modules, and varying levels of training that allow for customization. Delivered through individual, group, company-wide programs, we comply with all state requirements and cater to unique organizational needs.


910 16th St Suite 1214

Denver, CO 80202


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